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Get ready for the media to call us overated.

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Falcons were a bit lucky facing Dennis Dixon, Derek Anderson, Alex Smith, Seneca Wallace / Jake Delhomme... Taking off my homerism for the Falcons, I can see why some of the people in the media aren't sold on the Falcons. We haven't really faced anyone good offenses besides Drew Brees.

...and quite honestly should have lost to Drew Brees. -_-

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the "trolls" have been saying this all along. troll = realistic

The Falcons just reverted to their mediocre roots. It literally scares the living crap outta the Falcons to be considered a "good" team.

I've been watching this team since their first season in the league and honestly I can't remember even ONCE they actually won an important game in which they were picked to win by the "experts" doing the pre-game football shows. Not even one time in 50 freekin years.

This gutless bunch of mis-coached players should turn in their uniforms and wear dresses instead of pants.

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