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I cannot stand this Mularkey playcalling

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stop blaming Mularkey on ever thing the players have to execute the **** plays

Sorry man, it is what it is...

I'm not one to bash the man, but even I have to question the play calling. But no more than I say that" it looks like he is going back to the fundamentals on this drive

Great an INT" WOW nothing is working right :angry:

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How come we DONT RUN ANY SCREENS??? I mean they are blitzing the crap out of us, catch them off guard with a screen.

Oh wait, MM doesnt know what a screen is, my bad.

Did you notice how much time Matt Ryan had to look over the field when we went shotgun?

The Eagles are blitzing like crazy.

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There are 2 things that bother me about mularkey:

1)he has failed, miserably, at every stop of his in the NFL.

2)refuses to use the screen play.

for smart defensive coordinators, this spells doom because the best ways to stop this offense are:

1) hit michael turner in the backfield before he can get going

2) dont give matt ryan time to go through his progressions

the defensive solution to both: BLITZ

the best weapon to keep the defense from doing this: screen play.

you do the math.

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