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Steve Wyche NFL Chat


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Justin Main, Toronto

12:35 PM ET

YO STEVE! Keep it fresh with the tie my man! Falcons: What are the keys to them winning this weekend in Philly? And after this week they have 3 straight home games. What do you see for this team this weekend and the weeks ahead?

Steve Wyche, NFL.com

Justin, D-Led said you mercked him to get me in touch with you. NICE MOVE. And my tie today is the bomb. You know how I do. The key for Atlanta to win in philly is pretty much the same formula for all its games: Get and early lead to they can pound Turner and Snelling. Confuse and pressure Kolb. John Abraham is going to have a favorable matchup and he should be able to get in Kolb's face. DE Kroy Bierman on the other side is an emeging force. Keep getting turnovers. S William Moore is turning out to be the real deal so Atlanta has two young safeties who can cover and strike. Dunta Robinson isn't being targeted much and Brent Grimes has been okay.

I messaged DLED to text Steve to answer my question haha


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