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eagles will win

#2 FTW

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Da eagles da best. yore team got no chance. No evidence needed. /end thread

I was wondering where you Philly guys were? Listen, I gave you a neg, not because you're ludacris. I gave you a neg because you have no foundation for your statement.

If I were Philly I'd be concerned about this hot Falcons team coming to town. You guys abused us last year while we were knicked up and we haven't forgot. See you this Sunday.

p.s. Please let Vick play

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Does anyone really buy into the fake dunce-thug spelling thing? I think this guy still suffers from a really bad camping trip experience w/ a lot of ex prisoners.... Now he just goes from site to site dropping incoherent pot-shots like a babbling idiot.

Hard to tell. Iggles fans are pretty f'n stupid in real life.

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