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Hope I don't get too much grief for this post...............-_-

This has nothing to do with MV. I'm just thinking about this game. It is an important game, cause the Eagles are a good football team. I want to see ATL win decisively. But I'm concerned about a win this week, merely from the standpoint of win streaks and the like.

Going into every game so far this season, we (the fans) as well as the Falcons players, have believed that the game would be winnable. For this game coming up, I still feel that way. The Falcons are good enough to win.

But then I was thinking - is a season record of 15-1 realistic for ATL? And if not, who will they lose to? Hopefully, they'll sweep CAR and TB. The Saints will give them a good game, as will the Ravens. Those 2 games are, IMO, up in the air at this time. As to the Eagles, I just wonder if this will be one of the losses for the season. The Falcons have just run off 4 wins in a row, and winning streaks are usually not that long in the NFL.

All this just makes me think that the stars may align against ATL this week. I definitely hope not.

Take it easy on me, guys.............:unsure:

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You are not the only one concerned with this, being that

this is a case of when the win streak ends, and to which team

hands us a L.

This game is crucial in that it is an NFC Opponent.

So all things considered, I would rather take a loss against Cincy than the Iggles.

Not that I want to take a loss to any team, but a 14-2 season

would be Off the Scale, being that we sweep the NFC and the Magpies (Ravens)

Dont cha know :)

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If I am hearing you correctly, you think every game is important, but some may be more important than others. I want to win against the media darlings more than the other teams, but really, it dosen't matter, as long as the Birds win all of their playoff games. :D

No, not at all. Only that where this game falls in the schedule, and the fact that ATL has won 4 in a row (I got it right this time!). Sooner or later, there's gonna be a loss since the league has improved parity between teams. All I'm saying is that after 4 in a row, this might be the one that breaks the streak. Has nothing to do with the importance of the game or who the opponent is. Just that streaks eventually come to an end.

I know, I know. My whole thought process is warped. It's not easy being me.....:wacko:

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Every game is important for us. We gets no respect around the league. This is a must game for us. The history of this franchise doesn't automatically get us anything. It's time to make believers out of people. If the offense starts playing up to their potential,(which i doubt) you will begin to see more people get on board. With all the weapons on offense, we still IMO play one dimensional and is very predictable. That TD pass to Roddy has been there every game the past 3 seasons but for some reason we refuse to test defenses. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize if you go deep a few times the defense will start backing up leaving Turner and Snelling to do plenty damage. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy watching us win but let's start beating teams up early and run it up a few times. waiting until the two min warning before getting comfortable is not getting us to the SB.

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OK here goes.. Honestly, when we FIRST got the schedule I thought the first game against the saints was ours to lose. Everyone on this board was saying our record should be no worst than 10-6 when we FIRST got the schedule. I didn't see anyone say we would go 15-1.

Statistically, we have 5 more games AT THE WORST we had the falcons losing.(so we gotta lose to somebody eh?)

With that being said

Confidence is a good thing. We will go into every game believing we could win. The falcons have a winning mentality. Does that convert into a win every time? of course not. But I do want to see this team give their best sunday. we could win we could lose. no one knows

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It's an honest question and quite simply I hope the Falcons don't take any competition for granted regardless of who the perceived QB is whether it's Kolb (which it will be) or Vick. If anything I hope the Falcons have an axe to grind with what happened in the GA Dome last year. Not against Vick personally but the organization as a whole made the Falcons look bad on their home turf. I personally hope they shut down the 12th man cheesesteak chokers to the point they once again boo their own team. That would be awesome to hear coming from the bigscreen.

This is the first year in a long time that as soon as the schedule came out I truly felt the Falcons could beat any of them. As for going 15-1 that probability is pretty low for most teams in any given year. This is the first season in a while that I can remember there not being any undefeated teams this early in the season.

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We should win this game, the Eagles have secondary problems and O-line problems. Their pass rush and WR speed concern me, but I like the improved defensive speed we have also. I want to see our offense get back to the 2008 form, with explosive plays. I'm hoping Jenkins was the missing piece. As far as losses go, I am concerned with the Ravens and maybe Tampa on the road. Tampa's defense has always given Ryan problems.

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