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Desean Jackson


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I really don't like Jackson. Prior to this even. He's full of him self, typical WR. I'm so glad Roddy White isn't anything like that. He's confident, not arrogant.

DeSean isn't doing anything with Kolb at QB. Michael Vick buys him more time to get open. Which if he was as good as advertised, he wouldn't need.

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I'm actually quite confident in our secondary I honestly think Celek there TE is going to be the guy we really need to cover and Jason Avant on 3rd down I think these 2 guys really need to be accounted for.

my main concern is The Eagles Screen Game.....

we have seen hardly any screens this yr and last yr we had big problems defending it....

we will see it Sunday for sure

with spoon outa the line up

its pretty much the same front 7 from last yr that had problems vs the screen

as far as DJack

he wants DRob on him and just dont know it....

I would love to see Grimes matched up on him all day, but we wont.

with Grimes on him we get to see athlete vs athlete ,

with DRob on him, he will need to get Physical with him to shut him down, and i think thats the match up we will see most of the day...

the big physical corner vs the small speedy wr

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Hieght isnt the issue when going up against Jackson. His speed is redunkulous!!!

I know Grimes can cover him thru the first 20-25yds. After that he has another gear... I lil saftey help will be needed tho!

We tackle McCoy with our gang tackling, we keep him in check out the backfield, and BIGGEST of all.... Pressure, make sure the QB (who ever it may be) isnt able to get comfortable in the pocket and need to release the ball very quickly!!!!

I'm not too worried about the "O"... we should be ok.... No turnovers!!!

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I dont have a problem with what Deshawn said. Grimes is short!!! Also Jackson is a household name and Grimes is basiclly an unknown. If you dont follow the falcons and your last name aient brees u probably dont know much about Grimey.

Hopefully that will change. DJ talking doesnt bother me he has earned the right to IMO....Now lets see if our 57 million dollar man can keep up. DJ scares me with his big play ability but i believe mcCoy and Sceleck will be more of a problem on sunday

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i would like grimes on him for the althleetic match up.

although it would be nice to see Dunta chuck him hard on the line a few times.

Is Jackson even any taller than Grimes? Heck, Grimes prolly had as many INTs as Jackson did TDs last season so he needs to learn his competition, and not be so foolish.

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I bet after Sunday he will know his name and things like that.

“We were really cool and college and things like that. We don’t talk too much now. He’s busy doing his thing, and I’m busy doing my thing. Like I said, we’re sill good friends and things like that.”

As far as that matters, I want to go out there and do so good and things like that.

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