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Staying on top in the Division

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Lol Finally...maybe not a convincing one, but one nonetheless...I just try not to act like other Saints fans...and I enjoy discussing football in general from the point of view of other teams as well as my own...

your ok in my book chris,as a matter of fact,your the best saints fan that comes to our boards...ive never seen you take a shot at anyone,or (most importantly)brag...congrats on last year

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Like others have said, it's statistically better for us if the Saints win, but the heck with that noise...I hope the Bucs crush them.

Honestly, my dream scenario for this season (besides Atlanta winning the Super Bowl) would be for the Falcons to secure the first seed and the Saints to go 9-7 but miss the playoffs like we did last season while an 8-8 Rams or Cards team gets to go in because they won the West. The tears would be so, so epic from the Saints "fans".

The way the season is unfolding so far, it may very well happen that way...an 8-8 record could easily win the West this year...and just like last year for you guys, 9-7 may not be good enough to take the wildcard...but, sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles...at the risk of giving Finally another reason to think that I'm not really a Saints fan...if things work out that way, I'll be right here to congratulate the Falcons on their success...

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Thats like asking would you rather have your eyes gouged out by a spork or be anally penetrated by a Roto-Rooter... ?

Lol! Agreed! Well Thanks for all of your opinions. Like an earlier poster said, regardless of what happens, if the Falcons take care of their business, it doesn't matter who wins in Tampa on Sunday.

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