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Shawne Merrirman - cut.

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If he can pass our physical, if he can pass our filter, if he can pass our boards approval...

sign him...... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

IDK, I would love a guy with speed, power and youth, too bad for Merrimen he lost the first 2. Merrimen had all the tools till he got popped. If he signed a near min deal I would bring him in and put him in the rotation. Just seems that ppl that were great at one time just cant up and forget how to play!


He gonna sign with GB or Cle.

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I would be happy to entertain a 4-3 outside linebacker coming in. We could use some depth behind Nick, Peterson will not be here next year most likely and having some depth would be nice. Spoon has also been getting nicked up a bit leaving us needing another rotation player in the mix.

That being said, Shawn is a DE in a 4-3 so he is not the answer anyway.

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I don't know... I think he would be a very good rotational pass rusher in our system (similar to how the Redskins used Orakpo last year).

Obviously only if we could get him cheap, I'm talking no more than 2-3 million a year.

Our pass rush hasn't been that great this year. Sure we've had a number of sacks, but I still think we give QB's too much time.

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