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Only $39 to see the Falcons destroy the Bucs?


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Would you pay $39 to see the Falcons biggest Hickory Stick beating against the lowly Bucs, and donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank at the same time?

The FNCO is selling drastically dicsounted tickets to the Nov 7th Falcons/Bucs game. $5 from each ticket purchased will go to the food bank as part of the Feed The Fans drive.

Plus on Nov 7th, we are planning the biggest tailgate party of the season! This is going ot be an epic day at the Dome.

The deadline to get the discounted tickets. Info is here:


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right now we're the only 2 teams in the NFC South with 1 loss, this game could be for 1st place in the division so we need as many people there as possible to cheer on the Falcons. So if you think you might end up going, might as well get tickets at a discount rather than full price.

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I would if I lived in Atlanta or would be able to get to Atlanta =[

I'll try to donate some cans though.

If you donate cans through the Virtual Can Drive, make sure you post in Finally's thread. He's matching all donations made from AFMB members. Finally's matching donation thread So a $5 donation would basically turn into a $10 donation with his matching offer.

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Donated! Can't make the Bucs/Falcs game, but still want to support the cause.

If I win the tix to the Falcons/Panthers, I'll be in attendance!

Still debating on what other game to attend this year...

Cool, hope you win them (if I don't) ;)

Make sure you find Finally's thread and let him know you donated, he'll match your donation. The link is in one of my posts above.

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