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To all the nattering nabobs of negativity out there


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To all the trolls and negative nancys out there:

This isn't directed at fans who have legitimate concerns about the team, just the NNNs and trolls.

The falcons are good young team on the rise. They're 7-1 over the last eight games. They currently have the best record in the NFC. They're second in points allowed, fourth in points scored. They win games when they're not hitting on all cylinders.

And they're improving. First couple of games they had trouble with big pass plays and big run plays on D. Last two games- 1 running play of 13 yards, only running play over 10 yards, no passes over 19 yards. That's improvement.

First couple games of the season, no long pass plays- last week, a 45 yard strike Ryan to White TD. That's improvement.

Still have to fix the ST woes, but they've made improvement everywhere else, I'm sure they'll fix that as well.

I'm expecting a Falcon victory against the Eagles. I think the Falcons will control both Lines of scrimmage and win the game.

That would put them at 5-1 and in complete control of their destiny.

And if they lose the game, guess what, they'll still be 4-2 with 3 straight home games and in control of their destiny.

The eagles have their own good players, they may win the game, doesn't change any of the above.

This is a very good young team lead by a very good young QB. There's a solid FO and coaching staff. This team, barring injury, will make a deep playoff run this year.

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+1 for a good post. Only thing is I don't worry to much about the nattering nabobs of negativity out there. To many out there to waste valuable energy on. I have to say that I am impressed with how well our defense is playing and we are only five games into the season. Just wait until Moore, Weatherspoon, Robinson, and the rest start to really gel. It could get scary for opposing offenses!

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