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Fredi Gonzalez Hired


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Hmm! He was a **** good fielder! If he makes our defense better than good move! Can we please get Don Baylor back as our hitting coach? Remember how great our offense was when he was here? He's the one that taught Chipper how to hit homeruns batting right-handed and all Chipper did was go out and hit 45 homeruns and win the MVP.

You mean the guy that left the Rangers for the Cubs this year and the Cubs had one of the worst offenses in the majors this year? That guy? Rudy however you spell it?

no the current one with the rangers, the guy that unknown said. hurdle

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positioning is critical. To close to the wall and you are to straight up and your neck will hurt and to far away and your lower back will hurt. Plus the vast difference in size players makes it an exact science....not everyone could handle this type of pressure.

Well done, sir. I have been educated. And that, as they say, is why you get the big bucks......................:P

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I think it's very clear why the Braves didn't bring back Glenn Hubbard. He's the defensive instructor and he had to be the fall guy after the defense meltdown we had in the 2nd half of the season. Glad to see that the Braves are making good changes at the fielding and hitting coaches since we had so many problems in those areas! :)

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