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Conversation between Mike Smith & Scott Van Pelt/Ryen Russillo

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How would you describe Biermann's play (against the Browns)?

*The play you're talking about is one of those 5-6 plays a game that are gonna be difference makers. It was an outstanding individual effort by Biermann. It was definitely one of the top 5-6 plays I've seen in my career."

Why have you been so good going into the 4th quarter (notes that Mike Smith is 20-1 record going into 4th quarter with a lead)?

*I have to attribute this to our guys having bought into our system and what we're about. A big plus for us is being able to run the ball.

What has become so personal for you and punting?

We watched the trends when it comes to 4th downs and 4th down and makeables. We're going to go for it depending on field position and the time of the game.

What does that week 3 win versus the Saints mean?

When you start the season, there's one world champion...and the Saints happened to be it. So we were looking up at them and still are because they happen to be in our division. It's very important to take care of your division and it's big to win on the road against a divisional opponent. It could've gone either way, but we were very fortunate to win that game.

It's been an odd start to this season, with no undefeateds already...have you had that same observation that it's just been an odd year?

I'm aware that nobody is undefeated, but it's just about how close it is competitively in this league. From 32 to 1, there's not a huge difference. The team's that have success are the teams that have sustainability and we want to make sure we have accountability.

Is Roddy White finally getting the recognition he deserves?

Roddy is having an unbelievable season after coming off two pro bowl seasons. He has an unbelievable skill set, but he is one of the most competitive guys I've ever been around. He is an oustanding run blocker, and he was a state champion in wrestling...so that kinda tells you his mentality. You gotta be a little crazy to wrestle.

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