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Falcons Officially Have A Top 10 Offense And Defense Through 5 Games


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I"m seeing 10.

Anyway, Our RUSH D is 8th total yds 433. If we would have stopped 80yds and 50 yds. OMG.. WE would have only allowed 303 yds per game. We would be the TOP D in whole NFL.

Our Pass D needs little improvement.

Yeah, I just mentioned this in another thread. The rush defense has been even more impressive than last season when we were #10.

The pass defense is still allowing a lot of yardage, but that's to be expected when teams can't run on you. We're still allowing fewer yards and points than last season, and we're getting a lot more interceptions. I'm not gonna complain. :D

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You know I suggested that the defense would be better than the offense this year, and some folks thought I was craaaaaaaazy. I'm not going to name any names.

It's too early. Our defense has faced Dennis Dixon, Derek Anderson, Brees, Alex Smith, & the injured Browns duo of Wallace and Delhomme. The Saints have by far the best offense of the bunch but have not gelled yet this season. Good call that we are much improved. But we've faced much tougher defenses this year than offenses. I think our offense is on the cusp. I also think we're going to see more aggressive playcalling from MM, though that doesn't mean we are gonna change our identity.

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