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Glimpses of a Winning Team

Magic Man

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In the past week or so, I've seen tons of threads from people with less than 100 posts saying things like: "I don't wanna be negative", "this isn't a bash on (enter Falcon's player name here", blah blah blah. In other words, it seems like instead of revelling in the fact that we have a scrappy team that shows up on Sundays to play a full 60 minutes and never gives up, we are stuck in the loser mentality of Falcons Past.

FACT: Matt Ryan is not a God sent from the heavens to deliver us all into the pearly gates with 60 yard bombs on a rope. 7 TD's and 3 int's through 5 games is nothing to sneeze at.

FACT: Our offensive line is not perfect, but they do a more than adequate job

FACT: Michael Turner may never return to 08 form, but he still had 10 TD's in an injury shortened year last year, and looks to be picking up steam

FACT: Our passing offense may look better with (Enter FA WR name here)but we have the guys we have. From Moss' brilliant performance last night, you can see that it takes time to pick up an offense.

The point is, this team is in no way, shape or form perfect or even close to it, but for God's sake people, we're 4-1. Go visit the 49ers/Browns/Raiders board, and see what real pain is. For some of you, winning is just another excuse to b!tch.

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