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Hendumania invaded The Dawg Pound and lives to talk about it!

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hotel and plane tickets $335 rental car $66. Browns vs Falcon ticket, seat in the Dawg Pound $150. Being called an A-hole by 20 thousand Browns fans: PRICELESS!

So my buddy and I had two seats to the Browns Falcons game in The Dawg pound. Now everybody was telling me not to wear my #51 JB Hendu Falcons jersey in the Dawg Pound but I did.......

I wasn't expecting to be loved are welcomed with open arms like my buddy, a Browns fan, was. The fans were brutal, and rightfully so.

Apparently I was the first person in the history of football to have worn the oposing team's colors in the Dawg Pound. Two 60 year old women started chanting "A-HOLE at me. By halftime everyone was chanting that at me. One guy before the game started offered me 200 bucks to take off my jersey. But I declined. I was too proud of a Falcon to do that. The same guy drunkenly poured beer on me but he shook my hand at the end of the game.

One of the coolest things I saw was two of the guys who wear the Dog masks in the Pound. One was really old and was using a walker. When he took his mask off, you could see he was using an oxygen tank/ And during the whole game, with the exception of timeouts and tv timeouts, he was on his feet cheering the Browns on. The other guy "BigDawg" is like a **** celebrity out there. From the second he got there to kickoff and during halftime, everyone came down to take a picture with him. At 1 point he offered to shake my hand but then he pulled it away and did the whole styling his hair pose. Everyone loved that.

And good lord they were brutal to the players. At one point before they game, several Falcons ran down to pray in the end zone. Someone behind me screamed: You better pray you ******* *******!"

I didn't walk in expecting to be loved by the Browns. I was there to watch, chher and support The Falcons.. I didn't go to rock the boat or piss off the Browns fans. I had a good time and I bet there are several Brownies who are telling the story of the Falcons fan from Tennesse who had the biggest Balls to ever walk into The Dawg Pound and live!


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Props to you. I went to a Raven game with someone who lived near me. Knew some of his friends but not him personally. We realized that we lived in the same place through this site. We met at the game and after a few taunts he walked back to his car and took his jersey off. :wacko:. Kinda glad we has separate seats cause that was embarrassing. I kept mine on tho. Even my girlfriend at the time did. If he sees this so what. You were acting like a *****. :angry:

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Yea they were talking about it on the falcon game radio show.

They said someone must have been explaining how stupid the Falcon fan sitting in the Dog Pound was to the other people in the dog pound in order for the Falcon fan not to get killed.

Well not nearly as stupid as some of the Saints fans coming here... who obviously keep going to their own family reunions but forgetting to take their box of condoms with them.

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