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Our Defense is clutch.

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This is something I haven't really seen mentioned. Our defense is clutch. They flat out show up in the fourth quarter. This is amazing because a lot of defenses are exhausted by the fourth quarter, but not our's. Here are some stats I dug up from box scores:

In the fourth quarter our defense:

Has been on the field for 11 drives.

Of those drives there has been:

1 missed FG, 5 punts, 3 INTs and 2 field goals.

That's a total of 6 points.

The defense has also held teams to 324 yards. That's an average of 29.45 yards.

I'm not sure if these are league leading stats at all but they are certainly dominating.

Who would've thought that our defense would be dominating?

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good write up but were givin up an avg of 65yrds not the 24? not sure if that was just a typo. anways +1 our defense is playin sick

It is an average of 29 yards per Drive in the 4th qtr, not in the QTR itself, otherwise you would be correct in 65 yards per 4th qtr.

It is tough for teams to beat you when you play like that, but I would like to see bigger leads earlier, so we can pin our ears back earlier and make it a half instead of just the last qtr.

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