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Is it just me, or is this starting to feel like the 1998 season? A walkover here and there but a lot of games where we find weird ways to win, but win none the less. We have already seen a repeat of the Minn playoff game.

Call it whatever year you want. I know it feels good though

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Should I just pick up a pack of depends at my local grocery store?


Whew good game. Go Falcons!!!

I was really hoping we'd blow the doors off the Browns. I know a win's a win, but the next handful of games are gonna be tough the way we're playing right now. We made some good adjustments and seemed to pick it up later in the game but as said two weeks ago if a team gets up on us by 14 or so early, we're gonna be struggling. I wish we could have carried momentum from a blow out win into these next few games.

On the flip side our D is impressing the bajesus out of me this year. I wasn't expecting a lot. Better, yes, but they're playing well right now. Going against a big passing team could be a good measuring stick for us right now.

Hey, we're 4-1. I know we've played some not so great teams lately...except the Saints (or at least on paper), but I'll take it. It gives us a ton of confidence and helps us blend together as a complete team. Not just that, but I'm impressed with how if one unit's struggling the other seems to pick it up.

Good win Falcons!

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