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Champ Bailey's days in denver may be numbered

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I'm not saying we need him by any stretch of the imagination, but he was my favorite player since he came out of UGA and now the even remote chance of him wearing the red and black makes me salivate ^_^

I think Dunta was a great pickup and he will and already has improved our defense substantially, but we're talking about one of the top 2-3 cornerbacks in the league for the past 9 years in Champ

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i read an article where champ said he understands he is getting older and he will be willing to switch to safety ala rod woodson if a team wanted him to.

we have 2 young safetys with great potential already but i used to think if moore wasn't going to stay healty i would love to have champ as a safety, but we don't need him.

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smh... i am so glad that we have td as our gm and not some of you guys, i mean come on champ is a great player but really how many years does he have left in him? you guys are all about picking up these old vets to make a run for right now. i think ill stick with my gm that is building a team that WILL be contenders for years to come, ever wonder why the patriots are so good year in and year out or the colts?

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