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FALCO sez: "I am the Dawg Whisperer!"

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Congrats to FalconsLIFE member putnam6 for the winning suggestion for last weeks cartoon contest for the Browns game! putnam6 suggested; "Very simple have a dog there wagging it's tail have Falco looming over the dog with the Hickree Stick behind his back. saying "You want the stick Boy you want the stick". There were several good ideas but Falco told me he wanted to do this one!B)

putnam6, come on in here and take a bow wow bow! putnam6, everybody!:D Be sure and PM me with your name and mailing address so I can send you your signed poster print!

I'm expecting a dawg fight of a game up in Cleveland Sunday, folks. Let's hope our boys bring the wood and take the bite out of the Browns!


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great stuff, supes.

great stuff! I lol'd

Thanks guys and thanks again to putnam6! These weekly contest are a lot of fun for me and makes my job easier while giving everyone a chance to get involved. Why didn't I think of this before? Actually, when harveybirdman came up with the unsolicited idea for the Pitt game, a new tradition was started in TATF!

See what you did, Harvey?:lol:

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:lol: Great job. I love it.

Very Kewl and we def need to take that stick to the dogpound!

PHENOMINAL!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work supes and I noticed how Falcos carrying the new hickr'y stick too.

Thanks guys and YES, Falco will be carrying the new version of the hick'ry stick to reflect the REAL one from now on!;)

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Nice! Well done as always Supes :)

Finally got caught up on the others... leaps & bounds this year!

Looking forward to the next one and I can't wait to see today's footage of the first Hick'ry Stick ceremony!! That whole thing is just awesome!



Thank you my brotha and I am anxiously awaiting the footage as well!

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