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Brett Farve


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you missed it initially cause the story was released same day of False retirement story that took over all media outlets. Seemed like a smoke screen to me and once he felt comfortable the story didnt have legs he came back

The main reason the story doesn't have legs is because the girl isn't talking. And she hasn't filed a lawsuit. Absent one of these things, it's just an embarrassing thing that will go away shortly. The only thing really new is the message recordings.

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Hope for his family's sake it isn't true but beyond that I don't care. He isn't playing for us.

Mighty funny how Tiger woods was all over Cnn for mos, Yet Certain people are giving favre the benefit of the doubt that he didnt do it and Brett Favre is just as popular and hasnt gotten half the coverage TIger woods has. and they also have photos of Favres ***** and voicemails. He sent to the woman. wow ya talk about double standards.

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