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NLDS: Braves vs Giants

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What the f*ck?!?!?!?!? :unsure:

I have an early flight and I was getting tired...we scored 1 run but I was tired and depressed thinking, "****, well at least we got to the postseason.", knowing it was over. Silently mad @ guys like Gonzo & Ankiel for completely disappearing for the most part once we got them.

:unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

Woke up...saw the talking heads on TBS and was saying to myself let me see what the damage was:

Braves 5 Giants 4 F/11

and literally I said loud as all get out, "What the F*ck?!" My girl was, "Aww babe y'all lost?"

"No! Somehow we won!"




Seriously, I haven't even seen the highlights yet but hot diggity dam!

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Not only are we tied 1-1 but we head to Atlanta with our best pitcher for most of the year Tim Hudson going against a guy we have a history of knocking around Sanchez has a career ERA over 6 against the Braves

Awesome! We need to end this in Atl. Screw Giants fans.

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Yeah, you CAN say that SO FAR, but I don't think it's fair to label him that. He's way too young for all that right now. It sounds like you're putting too much faith in him right now and he's disappointing you b/c he's not coming through.

But what if he gets some clutch hits in the next couple of games, we will forget about what has happened so far...

100% agree^. I put more faith in him, cause I know what he is capable of doing. maybe he just has the 1st post season jitters and hes under pressure with Chipper and Prado out, but we need him to get going if we are to advance. Hopefully he will settle down and get hot back in Atl.

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How fitting is it that TBS moves the Braves instead of showing their game and moving the Phillies?

LOL. Like they haven't f'd us enough since Ted sold the network.

TBS really pissed me off on Tuesday. I saw a commerical advertising the playoffs and they showed all 7 teams in the playoffs! Yep I said all 7! Guess who wasn't in the commerical? <_<

And man oh man what a game. I stopped watching the game in about the 4th inning because I got tired of seeing this team just give away outs! But I never turned it off the radio. When we scored in the 6th inning I was like "oh yay! we scored!". Then to think Alex Gonzalez who had been 2-for-43 leading up to that at-bat ties the game! Unreal.

Then I remember Kimbrel striking out Posey and then I must have dosed off because I completely missed the 9th inning. I have no memory of the 9th inning. I woke back up and it was the 10th inning and Mac hit that ball that would have been a homerun in any other ballpark.

Then I nearly cried when I heard Wagner got hurt. I was just like "why are the Braves cursed?" :mellow: And then I really nearly cried when Farnsworth loaded the bases for Posey. I fully expected a walk-off slam!. And then Ankiel hits one into the cove? :huh: :wacko: :mellow: Don Sutton sounded like he was going to jump out of the booth in excitement after that homerun! :lol:

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