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NLDS: Braves vs Giants

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Yea, glad to see the Thrashers win tonight. Even though it was the first game, it was still a good way to start the season, after the way we ended it last year. Pavelec is up and talking at the hospital but will be kept overnight. X-rays were negative as well, so that is very good.

How did Buff do as a defenseman? I know the Thrashers FO was facing A LOT of backlash because they moved him from Forward to Defense. Also glad to see Kane pick up where he left off last year. Let's all hope that the ASG doesn't f*ck this one up as well. They already traded/let go of three of the top four goal scorers in recent years(Kovie,Heatley,and Hossa). The last thing we need as a hockey team is to let another one in Kane get away.

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Surprised Alex didn't do the safe sign when Burrell caught his fly ball.

It's sad. Brooks looks ready to hit. Alex looks deshevelled (oh fudge it, I'm not googling how to spell it correctly) and Melky looks like a ******** kid chewing his milk and pooping on his balls.

We look beaten.

This is game 2 of the last Phillies series Braves.

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I stayed home to watch the Braves. I'm mad they are losing, but I'm still supporting them.

You stayed home in hopes they would fail so you could celebrate... on a Friday night?

That's really sad.

Tell them to stop choking and maybe I would watch them again. :lol:

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