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NLDS: Braves vs Giants

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Some are actually suggesting that the picture is deceiving... :rolleyes::lol:

You aren't even joking!

Look at some of the comments:

Nope, not true. Posey was safe. I was at the game and snapped a photo of the play (which I've just sent to the Big League Stew's email address...) and if you look closely, Posey was already on base while Conrad's arm was still on a downward arc.


Watching it on live TV, first thought is that he was safe (of course, there's probably some bias in there). Replays showed that he was out, but it was a very, very close play and certainly not as bad a call as this article makes it seem.


There are a lot of "Whining/Crying Braves Fans" posts. Okay. Karma has a sense of irony so I wouldn't be surprised if WE get a call tonight that goes our way. And if we win, I'm going to rub it in their faces.

They've talked about this missed call on ALL NETWORKS, and ALL WEBSITES. It is a blatant missed call, and it is a gigantic one. Only a Giants fan would dismiss this as nothing, since it benefited their team. These are also the only fans that defended Bonds. Enough said.

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If the Reds vs Phillies game doesn't end before the Braves game starts. The Braves game will be shown on TNT until the Reds vs Phillies game is over.

There might be some ticked off women now. They are going to show the Braves game right in the middle of Titanic on TNT.

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