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Braves reveal roster


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With some uncertainty still surrounding Takashi Saito's right shoulder, the Braves opted to include five rookie relievers on their National League Division Series roster.


The Braves NLDS roster will actually include a total of seven rookies  --  right fielder Jason Heyward, second baseman Brooks Conrad, right-handed relievers Craig Kimbrel, Cristhian Martinez and Brandon Beachy; left-handed relievers Jonny Venters and Mike Dunn. 


The Braves will carry two catchers  -- Brian McCann and David Ross  -- and an 11-man pitching staff.  They plan to use a three-man rotation during this best-of-five series.  

Catchers: McCann , Ross 

Infielders: Derrek Lee, Conrad, Omar Infante, Alex Gonzalez, Troy Glaus  and Diory Hernandez

Outfielders:Rick Ankiel, Nate McLouth, Matt Diaz, Eric Hinske, Heyward, Melky Cabrera 

Starting pitchers:  Derek Lowe, Tommy Hanson, Tim Hudson 

Relief pitchers:  Billy Wagner, Venters, Kimbrel, Peter Moylan,  Dunn,  Beachy, Kyle Farnsworth,  Martinez.   

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