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Kelin Johnson - The Case For Coach


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What a great, great article. It is so disappointing to see fans turn after one bad season. I know-- the past 2 years were disappointing but not bad. Actually, 2008 and 2009 would have been considered very nice years from the late 80s to early 90s.

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I am a diehard fan of Georgia Bulldog football and I plan to be until my time is up. I think some people have the wrong idea of what a fan is. IN MY OPINION. As a fan, I want to do everything in my power to support the team through the good and the bad.... even the UGLY. That's why I hate all these "fire Richt" threads and all this other negative talk. It's not helping Georgia. Potential recruits see that type of stuff and think "hmmm, how long will CMR be at Georgia if I go there." I'm not the AD and I can't fire anybody, so I see no point in stirring up such negativity, things are tough enough as is. I trust 100% that all of our coaches are working extra hard to get this thing back on track. It's so easy to be happy and pat everybody on the back when everything is going well, but what are you truly a fan of if you completely turn your back and start bad mouthing the program when times get tough? Are you a Georgia fan or just a fan of the winning local team? The Dawgs need our support more now than ever. To all the people that have such mean and negative things to say... I wonder where do you stand when CMR gets the winning going again, are they back on the bandwagon?

Kelin's article was great and I really hope some of the negative "fans" get a chance to read it. Winning at a high level every year is tough to do, no matter what school it is.

Does anybody remember, just 3 years ago back in 2007? Bama went 7-6.... with loses to Miss State and Louisiana Monroe. Now look at where they are.

As fans we expect our teams to be tough, to be be resilient, to fight through adversity... so we as fans should demand the same things of ourselves.

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