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The Health Of Mike Singletary

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For those watching the game on T.V. and possibly from the dome did you notice Mike Singletary fall to one knee and make a face as if something was terribly wrong with him as Matt Bryant's field goal went through. At first I thought he was gonna puke and then I thought maybe he had to much gatorade and was cramping up and at worst I thought maybe he was having a heart attack or something serious. I surfed the web at lunch today at work but I couldn't find anything on how he was doing. Anybody hear anything.

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I think he is troubled by the WAY his teams are losing. I think he feels like he is not reaching his players...which is a shame. He coached like he played....with great passion.

As a player he could will his team and team mates to a win...but todays players are not those that he called team mates. He was the Ray Lewis before Ray Lewis for those that do not remember him as a player.... a player who led his team, set their personality, was the heart, soul and brain of the defense & both teams were known as defensive teams.

I actually have more respect for him than any of the players on the the 49ers...

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