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Roddy White....Man Oh Man! You Are So "Elite"

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Rowdy Roddy Stats

A while back, I wasn't ready to call you "Elite" based on a few things, but you proved me wrong yesterday. Thanks man! Here's how you did it:

1. Quietly going about your business of being one of the best WR in the NFL.

2. For making all of those critical catches 1st down catches yesterday...Sir, they were incredible!

3. For being a legitimate #1!

4. For getting us the ball back after all hope was gone!

You Are So Awesome!!

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Roddy White is the best player on our team ,hands down . The strip was simply incredible. Guy is strong as an ox . Not hard to believe he was a state wrestling champ in HS.

Even before the stip...he looked good hanging on to those tough balls that Ryan was throwing to him. It seems as if everything Roddy caught yesterday was crucial to keeping drives alive.

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Agreed, some of his catches yesterday were just completly rediculous. I know there was a thread on here yesterday about roddy bailing out matt. If Roddy were not elite he would not be making those catches. Easily a top three wide reciever in the NFL this season so far.... +1 to the poster...

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