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Ugly Win--but sometimes thats what it takes


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I have to give the game ball to the D---it was pretty obvious that not only did the entire defense keep us in the game but pretty much controlled the 49ers past the 1st quater with the exception of a few big plays.

I think the fans and noise made a difference. Everyone got loud especially in the 4th quarter when it was was scary close so shout out to the total Dome environment.

In as much as I want to congradulate Matt Ryan--I have to say it was not one of his best efforts. He pretty much stared either left or right, throws to a spot, never pump fakes, or turns his head from left to right. The 9ers secondary played us tight and never spread out.

Way to go Matt Bryant.

Never-the-less I am happy with a win and the Falcon Fan Experience was pretty cool too.

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