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Charictaristics of our coach

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It's 9am and I've just got done watching hours of nfl media online as I do every sunday morning. I listen to all the coaches post pressers ect...

I'm so impressed by OUR coach and the main reason why is that he is soooo real. It's so obvious in every interview and what little we get to see of him coaching the players (verbally) that it isn't about himself. Nothing of his endless banter is in any way to impress others or glorify himself. He simply holds firmly to ideals and philosophy that he knows are the winning formula and makes followers of the players. Never can I recall Smith indicate that some negative outcome was somehow someone elses responsibility other than his own. Never has it even been rumored that one of our players questioned his leadership or authority ( and keep in mind he has been tough on them even publicly; example screaming in Lewis or Johnsons face on the sideline to "man up" against the run.). You don't hear of him selling out his coordinators or vica verca. He's just an under the radar no crap human being/coach. We are truley very fortunate to have this guy and unlike some of the talking heads in the sports world, I for one would be VERY surprised to see this well coached team come to work today unfocused because they have their heads in the clouds after a great win in the bayou.

I feel like after all this time we've finally come full circle from Dan Reeves. The last effective no crap coach the Falcons had until now.

Go Falcons!!!

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