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Coach Smitty

Bring It

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Smitty in his 3rd year as our head coach continues to impress. The guy is so under rated it's not funny. In our modern day "entertainment" society where we judge public figures by how "cool" or clever they are, many see Smitty as boring, too vanilla, too predictable in his interviews, etc.

I thought about ultra successful NFL coaches over the past 40 years and realized they were the same way..........Bud Grant, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, etc.

These coaches were not interested in their egos, making headlines with outrageous headlines, they never lost their cool or the respect of their players. They were dedicated to preparation, character, and performance of a firm solid system.

Sound familiar ???

You can keep your loud mouth, punk, immature, egomaniac mental midgets like Jerry Glanville, etc., I'm ULTRA thankful for Mike Smith and his steady, wise, mature, and knowledgeable leadership.

He's a "keeper".

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I agree, what I love about him most is the fact on how he holds the coaching staff accountable and always looks at themselves to see where they can improve. They are humble enough to know when something isn't working and try to change it. Some of the past regimes were too stubborn to change if something wasn't working, even when everybody else could see it.

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