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Good quotes from a Saints writer


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Some of my favorite quotes from the article:


"SCOUTING REPORT: The Saints liked linebacker Sean Weathersoon in last April's NFL draft and I can see why. The kid is a player. He's athletic, physical and plays with a swagger. The rookie from Missouri finished with seven tackles and a quarterback hit. He's going to be a good one for the Falcons."

"Otherwise, it would have marked the third third-down conversion catch of the quarter by Gonzalez. He beat a different defender for each catch: Shanle; Porter; and Harper."

"The Falcons rushed only four defenders but somehow beat six Saints blockers. Jamal Anderson beat Jon Stinchcomb with a speed rush and Jonathan Babineaux beat Carl Nicks inside to flush Brees from the pocket. That might have been the worst decision of Brees' Saints career."

"Alex Brown looked like he was surprised by the power of Ryan, who somehow bulled over him on third-and-short to convert a quarterback sneak."

"Once again, the Saints had Gonzalez double-teamed - Robinson and Prioleau - but somehow he managed to get open and make the catch."

"Turner showed his power when he blew through a tackle attempt by Vilma at the 1-yard line and plowed into the end zone for the tying touchdown before halftime. Vilma went high on Turner and paid the price."

"Tremendous throw by Ryan and an even better catch by Roddy White to gain 24 big yards on second-and-10. Jabari Greer had excellent coverage but didn't turn his head early enough and just missed making the break-up. White took a big shot from Jenkins but held on. Big-time play."

"Carl Nicks really struggled with Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux."

I also like how he thinks our punter's name is "Mick."

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