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This is the WR we need

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This guy has got it all. he's physical, fast, and big. I would love if he comes out this year and we snag him. 6-1 200Lbs with a 4.38 40. Talk about a weapon for Ryan. He is also a monster returner.

edit: I just saw that hawkeye has him in his mock. I definitely agree, but don't know if he will be available in the 3rd if he declares.

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During Saturday’s game vs. FIU, Torrey Smith hobbled around the sideline for most of the time. From my vantage point, about six rows back on the 47-yard line, every time he came off the field the thought he could be injured for the rest of the season crossed my mind. Was he cramping up, or did he pull a hamstring? Does he have a sprained ankle or a hurt knee? The answer to all of those questions was undeniably NO! Smith was “Jim Brown-ing it”, as he coined it during a past interview, or basically acting like he is hurt and then coming back the next play full speed.

As soon as # 82 set foot on the field on Saturday, it was “game time”. Smith had 8 catches for 159 yards and one touchdown. The bulk of those yards came on a 68-yard TD reception in the 3rd quarter, where he limped into the end zone, leaving most people to think he tore his quad. Then, out of nowhere, Smith came up a with crucial 14-yard catch on fourth and four during the 4th quarter, plus an extra 10 yards after drawing an FIU personal foul. On the next play Da’Rel Scott rushed nine yards into the end zone to put the game out of reach.

This game wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Torrey Smith look a little wobbly, and it won’t be last. I can assure you that as long as he keeps putting up numbers like he has the last two weeks, people could care less if he was doing cart-wheels on the sidelines. This year Smith has 15 catches for 355 yards and five TDs. He’s averaging 23.7 yards a catch and has already matched his receiving touchdown total from last season. If he keeps up his current pace he is projected to finish with over 1,000 receiving yards and 15+ touchdowns. Not too bad for a wide receiver on team with weekly quarterback controversies.

In addition, Smith only needs 174 more yards to break the ACC kickoff return yard record currently held by former UNC wide receiver Brandon Tate. NFL scouts should be salivating right now because of this junior’s pro potential. Sports Illustrated described Smith as, “a true vertical threat who has NFL size and home-run hitting speed.” Torrey Smith is a complete wide receiver because of his versatility on the football field, unlike Darius Heyward-Bey who only offered pure speed.

Finally, the most important thing Torrey Smith brings to the table: Intelligence. Smith is on track to complete his criminology and criminal justice degrees in December. This will probably be the last season Smith will wear a Terps uniform, but he embodies the word “student-athlete.” The only thing that would make Terp fans happier is if Torrey Smith decided to stay and minor in theater because of his natural talent. Who knows, down the road Smith could have Hollywood career -- after the NFL.


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I'd love another talented WR. Although, why not just go all out? Give Ryan the kind of weapons Brady and Manning and Flacco have. 2 elite wrs....I would not be at all opposed to using our 1st on a wr, if the right guy is there. Clearly, Green and J. Jones will not be availabe where we will pick, but Floyd from ND, or J. Baldwin would fit as the type of dominant, physical possession guys to compliment Roddy and Douglas.

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