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COPS... Question of the Day


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I was watching Cops the other night, and just wondered why pretty much

everybody doesn't Freeze when the cops say so, and more so why the

cops even bother saying it... So that brought up my idea of a

question... Guilty or not, most people will get the genius idea to run

(Including me) like the cops have absolutely no idea what the local

terrain is like or where the neighborhood hideouts are etc...

"Why were you told to Freeze by someone with a badge and flashing

lights, and what was the result of your experience"???

I was 17 once, and was at a party after we beat our cross town rival

for one of the 3 victories in my 3 year High School Football career...

So we were going wild... Not like a bonfire in BFE, it was in a well

populated neighborhood, and apparently people there liked to sleep...

Add a bunch of alcohol from wherever it came from, the fact you are

very important and loud when drunk, and cops that decided to be covert

and just show up without the lights to warn us... I remember it like

it was yesterday, as I was trying to finish a beer and concentrating

on seeing straight-er

I was looking down at the ground, probably trying to figure out if any

puke was in my chosen sleeping space, and someone asked me to get him

a beer... I looked up, saw the badge and said, "Sure, nice costume,

right over here", thinking I was a genius... I started to run, and

didn't freeze until I hit the 3 foot tall chain link fence that nearly

removed my boys...

It did puncture my gym warm up pants on the fence, which dragged them

down to my ankles, exposing my tighty whities... I heard laughing, but

cannot confirm if it was aimed at me or not... Out of fear of constant

teasing, I switched to boxers... And who has a 3 foot chain link fence

anyway??? Someone that owns Taco Bell dogs...

The cops didn't get me themselves though, as I struggled to continue

running, I wasn't going far with the pants around my ankles, and I did

a slip and slide so to speak... Behind that party house was a Farm...

With cows, and the things they leave behind... I found out they can

leave a lot of droppings in a very small space...

In a very odd twist, my running got me out of trouble, as I am sure

the cops didn't want me in the back of their car, and were too busy

laughing to do anything... I got a warning about what an MIP was, and


Moral of the Story... If under age, when drinking a lot, do some recon

for Taco Bell Dog fences... You only have 2 boys, and barring some

freakish transplant surgery and an appearance on Jerry Springer, I

would veto the removal of them if I was you....

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