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It is only the Falcons after all...


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Seems like we go through this every time a game like this happens.

The Falcons beat the Saints?

I don't think it's too ridiculous. We almost had them once last year. We are a better team this year. The Saints for the most part are the same team. Call me crazy but you do the math.

The Saints made some mistakes and so did we. The Saints made some big plays and so...well, we didn't really but we played consistently. You know what? The Saints lost because of a missed field goal...well, the Falcons won on a made field goal. Happens all the time. One missed play here, one missed play there. In close games that's what wins it or loses it. That's the game. So, the media can say whatever they want and how it took us almost 75 minutes and them missing a field goal for us to win. If the Saints are that good it shouldn't have even gone into overtime so media, shut your mouth. The bubble bursts....get over it.

My original point to this post is...

I'm glad the media isn't giving us props. I'm glad we're not New Orleans or Dallas or one of those teams everyone expects to destroy their opponents week after week. I'm glad Dukes and whoever else is trashing us.

I don't want to be the Saints. I don't want to be the Ravens. I'm happy being the little ol NFC sucked in the past, can't get winning seasons together, etc Falcons. I think it's hilarious how when the Saints are mentioned they always show those fans w/bags over their heads....hey we've been there plenty too, but no one cares about the Falcons...


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