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We have TALENT on the D


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Our pass rush the first 3 games has been outstanding.

no matter who is lined up where our guys are causing some serioud dispurtion.

Even AFMB's favorite whipping boy, Anderson... HE was the reason for the Decoud int, he blew up the tackle and forced Brees to move before he wanted...that isa sack against most other qbs in the nfl.

But Babs has been lights out his 2 games back.

He made Fanica his personal b*%^& and did the same with the saint's guards

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Id go with Bab also, but don't get me wrong Jerry has done it. Bab is absolutely workin it though, with this defensive scheme B.V. Gorder is putting together this year. Can't wait to see what we do against the 9ers and the Eagles. I see that being a good game and Bab showing all he has! B)

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