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Jamie Dukes just spent 5 minutes trashing Ryan on NFL Network

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First, for anyone saying Ryan hasn't had to win without a running game, I give you the Chicago Bears game a couple of years ago. The Bears sold out to stop Turner, and we still beat them thanks to Matty Ice.

Secondly, for the Young vs. Ryan comparison. You can look at winning %, passer rating, or tenure in the league all you want. But when has Fisher allowed Young to call the plays at the line? How often has his team trusted him to do this? HeII, how many teams in the entire league give their QBs this much freedom (I can onbly think of one)? Simply put, Ryan's ability as a QB is FAR superior than Young. It's not just the stats, ya'll. It's how they play the game.

i can't believe he would ever compare ryan to vince young... thats an insult

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All I can say is by the end of the second quarter, the Falcons had the ball for 22 minutes and change. The Saints had the ball for less than 8 minutes. Sure the score was tied, but, by controlling the clock via the running game it helped win the game. So what if Ryan doesn't throw for 375 to 400 yards per game. It's the W that counts. Yes, once there are 3 good receivers and a quality TE then Ryan will put up bigger passing numbers. But until then, the balanced running game is the ticket.

Regardless of how good a QB Ryan is..and he is...a balanced offensive attack is still preferable...look at the Colts/Broncos game...Kyle Orton threw for 476 yards, but the Broncos still lost the game because their rushing attack produced virtually nothing....which ironically also appears to be a problem for the Saints right now as well...

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i didnt catch all of it but he essentially said he would rather have Vince Young and Ryan cant win anything unless the running game carries him the whole way. he was really fired up like he had some personal vendetta against Matt. The other guys were looking at him like he was crazy

We won with Matt's arm yesterday...

F Jamie Dukes - that guy is a complete tool

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