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John Abraham: X-Factor for New Orleans Tomorrow


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What do you guys think?

I've got him pinned down as my X-Factor. I think if he can be the leader on that D-line tomorrow and get them all pumped up to put pressure on Brees and hit him all day long, this game is ours.

At first, I thought J. Babs, and he will be a huge factor, but you can always depend on Babs having a consistent game, but Abe can disappear from time to time.

-- I think if he comes out and gets a big hit or sack early (Saints' first possession), that will set the tempo for the entire D-line and the other hits/hurries/sacks will follow fluidly.

I'm excited, but very nervous to see the secondary, so lets hope Abe and the line can give them a big game to pry a victory out of the hands of the ******** Aints!


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I think it's definitely Babs, and maybe the secondary in general (I'm torn between Moore and Robinson as the biggest X-factor back there). Teams don't get Brees down very often, and certainly not from the DE's. Abe and Biermann just need to corrall him, but the pressure needs to come from up the middle to keep Brees from stepping up into the pocket away from pressure. That's where Brees kills you, and luckily I think that's a strength of the Falcons this year.

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