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Flyer Guide: How to give bama heck on Saturday.


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Dang they are taking this pretty serious. :D I have said for awhile now that I think Arkansas gets us today -- going to take a heck of a performance from McElroy because they are going to load the box and make us run.

I have a feeling that Arky gets up early, maybe even 14-0, given the enthusiasm they are bringing into this game. I think Alabama battles back and ties the game late -- maybe around 27-27. But Arkansas gets us with a late game-winning FG. I am going with 30-27 Arkansas but sure hope I am wrong.

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Arkansas could certainly win this game but I don't think they can do it being one dimensional even as good as their passing game happens to be. They will have to find some sort of a running game to pull it out in the end and without Cody in the middle it might be possible but wont be easy from watching their offense line in that game against Georgia. Everyone is talking about them stacking the box and putting the game in McElroy's hands which is also possible of course but was tried many times last year and even when McElroy was pretty much completely shut down ( South Carolina game esp) teams could not stop the run. With that being said in this environment with as many young players as we have it should be close game and could go either way. I just hope we can pull out the big win on the road.

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