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Saints players may have a new look on Sunday


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An anonymous source inside team headquarters has confirmed that various Saints players plan to wear bags on their head in this Sunday's game due to a total disgust in fan performance. A player who was already wearing a bag agreed to be interviewed if we hid his true identity:

Interviewer: You just won a super bowl, why bags, why now?

Stew Fleas: Myself, and many team players get a kick out of reading team message boards and we were shocked at our fans' performance in all phases of smack talk.

Interviewer: What exactly do you feel is the problem?

Stew Fleas: We have visited the Atlanta Falcons Message Board today and they were having their rears handed to them all day.

Interviewer: Is it because your fans are weak or is it because AFMB has such elite talent?

Stew Fleas: Don't get me wrong. AFMB probably has some of the most elite posters in the NFL but on any given Friday we expect our fans to show up and score points.

Interviewer: Don't you feel you have to support your fans even after bad days?

Stew Fleas: After that level of slaughter it makes you want to be a team of other fans. I just have no hope they will get it together.

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