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Draft Prospects TCU v.s. SMU


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TCU: Too many talented players and I will have to take a look at this team at a later date. There were just too many players to look at

QB Andy Dalton

Round: 5th Round

Positive: Intangibles

Negative: Arm Strength on long/ intermediate throws

Arm Strength: Average

Accuracy: Above Average

Release: Above Average

Awareness: Average

Mobility: Above Average

OT Marcus Cannon

Round: 2nd

Positive: Strength

Negative: Aggression

Run Blocking: Above Average

Pass Blocking: Above Average

Agility: Above Average

Other Spots: None

Weight/ conditioning could be an issue

DT Cory Grant

Round: 5th-6th

Positive: Run Plugger

Negative: Burst

Run: Above Average

Pass Rush: Below Average

Other Spots: 3-4 NT


WR Aldrick Robinson

Round: 5th

Positive: Double Moves

Negative: Lack of strength/ ability to get off press coverage

Release: Below Average

Route Running: Above Average

Seperation: Average

Hands: Above Average

Jump Ball: Average

Tackle Breaking Ability: Above Average

OLB Pete Fleps

Round: undrafted

Positive: Effort

Negative: Instincts

Run: Below Average

Pass Rush: Average

Other Spots: None

Coverage: Below Average

Instincts: Not NFL Caliber

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