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cox should be fired before the end of the season

sean weatherspoon

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I've never really cared for Papa John's pizza. I've always liked Domino's or Pizza Hut way better. Or Buck's. But I don't know if that's just an Alabama thing or not.

Domino's is actually edible now that they changed their ingredients up some. Pizza Hut, which I had the other day was actually goods. They went through a phase where they would put way too many toppings on the pizza and it would just ruin.

I used to love Papa Johns, but something has changed in their pizza the past two years and the last two times I have eaten there I have gotten sick. Probably too much garlic butter sauce.

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Shaking my head. I think you're a troll. I just labeled you, see how easy that was. You guys kill me on here. Whenever someone has a different opinion a bunch of you yahoos get together and label them a troll. Let me ask you this: Were the Americans against slavery, for women's suffrage and civil rights trolls too? These opinions at those times went against the mainstream thinking.

What the **** are you babbling about? The guy is labeled a troll because he said it himself that he was only here to do that.

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I Don't know if they have them up there in the outskirts of Atlanta, but down here in Warner Robins we have a place called Mellow-Mushroom. It's a bit pricey but man, the pizza here is delicous! As for chain pizza, I'm a Papa Johns kind of guy. I love everything about the pizza.

They have two McAlisters in Macon. Sorry they don't have one in W.R.

Never ate at Mellow Shroom. Heard about it though and they opened one in Macon about a year ago.

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