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What's the Falcons fight song that plays in the Dome?


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Atlanta Falcons Hey Hey (Here We Go)

We're feeling the fever, feeling the flow

Feeling the Falcons ready to roll

Feeling the fans all up in the stands

Feeling the music, feeling the music

Feeling the beat, feeling the heat

Feeling Hotlanta up on their feet

Feeling the fire, feeling the hunt

Feeling the frenzy, feeling the fun


Hey, hey, here we go

Let it rock, and let it roll

Welcome to the Georgia dome

Welcome to the danger zone

Hey, hey, what do ya say

Let 'em know we came to play

Let 'em feel the after shock

Everybody join the flock (x2)

Verse 2

We're living out loud; we're living the dream

We're loving Atlanta, loving our team

We're loving the Falcons, ready to fly

Give me some football; give me some football

Give me the ball; give me the beat

Give me the Georgia dome on their feet

Give me the Falcons; give me the crowd

Give me a party; give me a shout

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I guess all I ever notice anymore is that Hey, Let's Go Falcons then you spell it. The problem is I nor most of the crowd knows what the rythmn to the song is and so people are off with the Hey and the spelling or I really suck at bad karoke or the sound is horrible.

What's in the past should stay in the past but it was fun to see everyone in the stands do the Dirty Bird after a TD or Too Legit To Quit. 60 year old white guys trying to dance like MC Hammer. Now that's having so much fun you don't care how bad you look. :)

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