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Does anyone have a video of the Moore hit on Anderson?


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Watching that highlight makes me feel more and more like this team means business. You don't see guys making big plays on offense and getting all pumped, doing fist pumps and dancing. It shows that this isn't time to play, make big plays, go back to the line and do it again. Leave the swagger to the defense is what it feels like they are saying. Big hits are coming from everywhere on defense. Man, I'm getting so excited. Anybody else feel this way?

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Three plays stand out the most to me:

1) The moore int of anderson

2) the moore sack of anderson

3) the Int by franks of max hall

All 3 are outstanding examples of rookies (i'll call moore that since he missed last year) playing athletically in the position their coach wanted them to be. How many times have we watch our secondary personnel over the years be out of position. On the moore interception, he was playing centerfield and was perfectly in place for the tipped ball. His blitz up the middle was excellent--he shot the gap on a safety blitz textbook. Franks had perfect coverage and made one whale of a catch. If i had to pick my fav it's probably the franks int simply because you don't expect 5th rounders to make those type of plays regardless who's qb.

Great job and great vid.

P.S. i didn't call out the snelling play cuz-well we kinda knew how good he's become :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: :P

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