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Dead Rising 2 Review

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If you played Dead Rising and liked it, you should play Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2 has improved its controls such as "Walk and shoot" unlike Dead Rising 1. You still can't move while throwing a object though sadly.You can mix up weapons to gain more PP like MMA gloves + Nails, Bat + nails, so forth. Its also easier to escort survivors, they don't die as fast as in Dead Rising 1. They will actually follow you instead of trying to kill every zombie in their way like they did in Dead Rising 1.

The loading is a pain in the @$$ though, way too many loading screens when you visit different areas or even after scenes (if you played Dead Rising 1, its the same way as it is in Dead Rising 2) I also hate the fact that you still have to read what the survivors say instead of just talking, most of the time I miss what they say because I'm busy killing zombies from them.

Psychopaths are a pain in the @$$ as well, you'll see. I also don't like the idea how you have to find Zombrex for your kid, it cost about $25,000 in pawnshops. If you save some Survivors or even beat certain Psychopaths, you will get one. You can also gamble and win or even lose on slot machines.

That's it for now. And yes some stores has been selling this game early already. No I do not have this game, A friend of mine however does, he got his copy from his job.

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