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Official Goodbye Norwood Thread :(

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I truly am sad and distraught to be making a point to make a post about this, but i truly do believe that with the falcons there is officially a new need to find a permanent fixture as a scat back who in my opinion should have the speed at least to replace Jerious Norwood. I obviously dont think there is a chance of us signing him unless it will be very cheap and maybe in a lesser role? I really dont know how that would work, especially if we are to try and find a new option at that position.

With the offense that we already have put together, we could now really use a very very fast running back who can both receive and run the ball. Its my belief that we can find this in the later rounds of the draft. I just think that moving on the Falcons should consider putting a premium on dependable healthy players as well.

With that out of the way i really wanted to close by saying i will miss Norwood. I really think he is one of the most interesting and pure hearted players the Falcons have seen in a long time. We also might not see another likable personality like him for a long time that actually had the talent to go with it. I wish you the best Jerious. Please continue the good fight.

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We certainly do have a need for another guy like Jerious, but his inability to stay on the field isn't doing anything for us. I actually wanted us to draft McCluster in this last draft, mainly because I wanted another guy to push Norwood.

It is very plausible that now we do bring someone in next year to basically replace the guy. I don't know that I am going out on a limb by saying two things..

1) The falcons have talked about using him more than they have actually used him. His best year, 2008 is going to seem like a long time ago once we hit in the field in 2011.

2) The injuries these last few years have likely planted at least a small seed of distrust with the FO and coaching staff.

The fact that he may be the most popular player on the team isn't going to make it easy, but at some point you gotta produce.

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