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Falcons like Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan


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I'm told that a scout from the #Colts & #Falcons will attend the #Toledo, #Purdue game on Saturday. Falcons like Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan.

It look like the Colts and us (Falcons) has scout Kerrigan the most.

and the plot thickens... daa daa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I wouldnt want to spend a 1st round pick on RK but dude is not making it to our 2nd round pick... It would have to take our 1st round pick.

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I'm telling you guys he will move up draft boards to the point where, if we really want him, we'd have to take him in the 1st.

Agree 100%. That's why I have him #1 in my "more realistic mock".

I think people are looking at pre-season mocks and rankings and don't understand how fluid they are. You have ranking and you have value. I remember when Spoon wasn't consider a 1st round option. Thank God TD understands the difference. No will care if you are Pro Bowler what round you were drafted in respect to your ranking.

Peters anybody..... Anyone else still consider him a reach?

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