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No Cleavage For Elmo

The Great American

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In what is sure to be a professional first, singer Katy Perry's breasts appear to have got in the way of a television career.

The US pop star has become the latest celebrity to film a segment for children's show Sesame Street, re-recording her 2009 chart hit Hot 'N Cold with new, child-friendly lyrics.

The two minute clip, which is yet to go to air and features Perry chasing around puppet favourite Elmo, was posted on YouTube on Monday and is already nudging 1 million views.

And while Perry's excruciatingly hammy acting has made her the butt of internet jokes all week, it seems millions of children will be spared her performance following complaints from parents over her "inappropriate" cleavage-baring outfit.

Sesame Street producers have decided to pull the song from its scheduled New Year's Eve episode in response, celebrity website TMZ has reported.

"You can practically see her t---," one complaint read. "That's some wonderful children's programming."

Another complained: "Thank you for speeding up the puberty process."

For the playful musical number, Perry appears in a plunging lime green minidress and bridal veil for a "game of dress up" with Elmo, while singing the altered lyrics: "You're up then you're down/You're running around/You're fast then you're slow/You're stop then you're go."

The clip and the reported decision to can it has sparked debate online, with close to 6,000 comments on Sesame Street's official YouTube channel - many of them accusing program-makers of an overreaction.

The San Fransisco Chronicle's parenting writer Amy Graff said most of Perry's fan base was already aged under 16 and familiar with her raunchy music clips, including her recent hit California Gurls, in which she shoots whipped cream out of her bra.

The New York Magazine described the decision as "a rather harsh reaction, considering that her scene partner Elmo wasn't wearing anything at all."

Okay, i have a six year old (he hates Sesame Street) and as a concerned dad I didn't see any thing wrong with Miss Perry's attire. :lol:

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So, this attire is inappropriate for Sesame Street, but it's fine for the Superbowl halftime show, which reaches more kids anyway. Thanks for the clarification.

Heeeeeere's your sign...

I really don't think the Superbowl Haltime Show advertises that it aims for the educational benefit of children.

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What are you talking about man? Who said Janet's superbowl performance was appropriate?

Who said anything about Janet Jackson? Do you think she's the only one that has ever performed at the Superbowl?

****, just look at Faith Hill's outfit for Sunday night football.


The irony here is that Sesame Street choreographs their own show, so they likely chose Katy Perry's outfit.

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