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If you haven't watched Roddy's interview then do it!


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He sounds like Ray Lewis on offense. He has no fear and is very candid. It's nice to see his enthusiasm and confidence. He makes points about how we need zero motivation. They give up a lot of yards and we are going to score touchdowns. It's nice to see a player with REAL confidence and not just the same old scripted answers.

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Yea, talk about making a Mountain out a mole hill...lol

Roddy is just giving his same generic answer that he always does.

we gotta score points, they are a good team, were a good team, I look forward to playing.

what else you expect him to say? Ray Lewis? **** no. But I do love Roddy White, you know he's gonna show up to play, hopefully Matt Ryan does too.

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Actually when I watched his interview it seemed as though his confidence is beaming. Maybe it is just me but I watched every interview and his stood out. Now do I expect eveyone to watch every video? No... but if you do yo can clearly hear and see he has an edge to him about this game.

Oh and sorry for the link, try ATLANTAFALCONS.COM. :D

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