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A Song Of Mine.


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I know it needs some work on the drums and a few other things. Mainly vocals. I can't sing worth a crap and for me to try would be a waste of time, but I write songs with vocals in mind. LOL, Kinda a curse you might say.

My question is, barring all the mistakes on this start of a song, how does this sound? It's Hard Rock and I am really curious if you like the rhythm of the tune and fast forward how the lead sounds toward the end of the song? Does it work? It's kinda twisted and experimental for me and nothing I have ever tried before. I know it all needs work.

If anybody can sing this type of music, and wants to collaborate on a few tunes drop me a message here or on my sound click site.

Here's the link to my tune : Magic Carpet Ride

Like I said, I know there are some mistakes. I've had some people say - "Drums are perfect, and others say, no they don't work", but both comments are added with - "If vocals were added to this".

Not sure. It's a work in progress.

Either way, how does it sound?


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I thought Of calling this tune "Hey, Hey FALCONS RISE!". Not sure.

It's kinda got a cool groove to the tune and I thought that would be awesome to add some Falcon kick butt video to.


I just done some jamming on this tune, and I think it's pretty cool, but Like I said I'm still working on it.


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