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The boys over at CBS Sports

Bring It

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I guess they know REAL talent when they see it !!!



The Falcons are a good team. On a given Sunday they can be very good, but only when they play an average or below average team.

On the road, against a very good team they will ALWAYS find a way to lose. It's in their DNA. Some things NEVER change. It's sad ............but it's also true.

When you see a team like the Saints or the Ravens you realize how much farther the Falcons have to go to beat those teams. Ain't gonna happen this year.............not enough weapons.

What's our record gonna be this year ??

No earthly idea.

I think the only thing that will make the Falcons "Rise Up" is............Viagra.

You had to know this was coming.

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Saints don't need air blown up their azz to whoop the falcons, trust

I agree that these stupid analyst are just full of hot air...or better yet, full of Sh!t.

Falcons VS Saints gonna be a good game, no doubt we gotta beat the best before we can be the best, and we got no reason to try and talk trash until we get the job done. Congrats on your teams Superbowl, and start to another good year. hopefully we can give you for first loss since last year this sunday.

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I think they are smart because they are picking my team. :ph34r:

That's one of the funniest things on this board IMO. People constantly talk trash about the media & talking heads when they don't pick us or say something not favorable towards us. But the minute they do, they are the smartest people walking the earth.

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